Nineveh Plain Province Solution
The "Nineveh Plain Province Solution" is formulated in very close coordination with our civil society, political representatives and grassroots activist networks back in Iraq. It's their hope that you can take a few minutes of your time to help. Click here to find out more and what you can do to help your nation. Please act now and click on this link.


Dutch MP's Report Highlights Persecution of Assyrians in Iraq

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ISDP Press Release

US Ambassador Ryan Crocker Affirms Significance of Article 125 for Iraqi Minorities

US Ambassador to Iraq
Ambassador Ryan Crocker

Washington : February 19, 2008 – In late 2007 US Ambassador Ryan Crocker affirmed the significance of Art. 125 for Iraq's developing system of federalism, when responding to questions from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about minorities and their goal for a federal unit in the Nineveh Plain.

Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, asked about the political viability and response of the Iraqi government to the Art. 125/Nineveh Plain solution for minorities.  Sen. Biden prefaced his question to Amb. Crocker stating, “Some Iraqi parliamentarians have called for the creation of an autonomous region in the Nineveh Plains, home to a disproportionate number of Iraqi minorities, including Assyrians, Turkmen and Yazidis.”

Amb. Crocker’s response was clear-cut, writing that, “Some Iraqi parliamentarians and local politicians in Ninawa have called for an autonomous region in Ninawa province, citing Article 125 of the Iraqi Constitution. Iraqi citizens can pursue the creation of a separate administrative region through processes consistent with this article.”

“Senator Joseph Biden’s committee is clearly investigating issues of federalism in Iraq that includes accounting for minorities, specifically Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriacs among others. Amb Ryan Crocker’s affirmation that politicians in Ninawa are trying to advance this agenda is a reflection of their success in profiling this goal”, said ISDP’s Project Director, Michael Youash.

The Iraqi Minorities Council, comprising an array of Iraq’s most vulnerable minorities, chaired by Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo, is a strong voice for the creation of such a unit. The Assyrian Democratic Movement was the first to champion this idea, but now virtually all other Iraqi-based minority political groups are actively pursuing this agenda.

Through meetings, proposals, and constant communication with relevant government officials, ISDP is working with Iraqi partners promoting the Art. 125/Nineveh Plain solution. ISDP sees clearly that the goal of these minorities is a stronger more integrated Iraq, through federalism. The goal is true decentralization without partition, which the minority peoples overwhelmingly support.

“Some question the Art. 125 solution on the basis of misunderstandings of its significance in relation to Iraq’s developing federal system. Amb. Ryan Crocker’s response puts any doubts to rest. ISDP is working to ensure that senior-most US decision-makers are being equipped to deal with matters most vital to the survival of minorities in their homeland; the establishment of the Nineveh Plain Administrative Unit in accordance with Art. 125 of the Iraqi Constitution is a central part of that mission”, said Youash.
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Special Announcement
Assyrian Aid Society - Australia

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Senators Collins & Lieberman Recommendations to Secretary of State Clinton

Senators Collins & Lieberman
Senator Susan Collins and Senator Joseph Lieberman

The readers of The Mesopotamian would like to take this opportunity to thank Steven Oshana the Executive Director of Americans United for Justice for his lobbying efforts in Washington, DC. Click here to read the letter.


House Committee Approves a Minimum of $20 Million for Iraqi Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac Christians and Other Vulnerable Minorities

Michael Youash ISDP Project Director
Michael Youash - ISDP Project Director

Read the ISDP Press Release


Congressman Radanovich Honoring ADM
Before The House of Representatives

Congressman Radanovich and MP Yonadam Kanna
Read the statement made by the honorable George Radanovich before the House of Representatives followed by a letter from the honorable Yonadam Kanna, secretary-general of the Assyrian Democratic Movement and member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.


Dutch Netwerk TV Report from the Nineveh Plains on the Murder & Oppression of Assyrians  


Incipient Genocide
Report Highlights The Ethnic Cleansing Of Assyrians In Iraq

By Peter BetBasoo

The Assyrian International News Agency has produced a deeply troubling Genocide report regarding the Assyrian (also known as Chaldean and Syriac) Christians of Iraq. The information compiled in Incipient Genocide: The Ethnic Cleansing of the Assyrians of Iraq portrays a systematic campaign of massacre and destruction of this indigenous population of Iraq. Through intimidation, forced conversions, murder, kidnapping, beheading of Church leaders, rape, and daily threats against their security and lives, the Assyrian Christian population in Baghdad and other major cities has dwindled from a once-thriving community to almost nothing. Those who have fled to Jordan and Syria face governments unwilling to recognize their refugee status (Jordan) and are living in dire poverty. Those who manage to flee to North Iraq face political and ethnic persecution at the hands of Kurdish authorities. For a detailed compilation of the atrocities committed against Assyrians since the fall of Saddam, click here.

The desperate plight of Iraqi Christian refugees

In April 2007, Nuri Kino, the top award winning investigative reporter and film maker from Sweden spent six grueling days in Amman, Jordan recording and witnessing the dreadful plight of the Iraqi Christians.   "By God - Six Days in Amman" is a grim and sobering report that will surely shed a new light on the truth and reality of what is taking place to the less known and less spoken of victims of the war in Iraq, the Christians. 

For additional information or to contact Nuri Kino for interviews, speeches, and television appearances, please click here






Renowned Violinist Runs To Aid Iraqi Christians

Ning Kam
Ning Kam

Ning Kam, the internationally acclaimed virtuoso violinist has for the second year in succession chosen the Assyrian Aid Society to benefit from funds raised running in another Marathon. Last year Ning completed a grueling 42 km Marathon and raised over £6,000 for Iraq's beleaguered Christians.

Ning is determined with your help to raise just as much if not more this year, here's what she says: “Here we go again! This will be my FIFTH, yes FIFTH head-spinning, bone-wracking, faith-raising marathon! Last one I did was also for the Assyrian Aid Society to help persecuted Iraqi Christians and what a worthy charity to support! We kept on raising the target and then surpassing it and I believe we can do this again this time! 17th July is V-day and this time, I will train properly for it so that I won't be suffering like last time, and then vowing not to do one again (and then forgetting about the vow and signing up for another marathon!). Let's give generously to the Assyrian Aid Society to help our persecuted brothers and sisters in Iraq!”

To find out more information and how you can donate/sponsor Ning, go to her web page . For those who'd like to find our a little bit more about Ning Kam and watch videos of Ning performing, go to her site


British MP
"Politicians must act to save the language of Jesus"

Edward Leigh MP in Northern Iraq
Edward Leigh says that only an Iraqi Christian province can preserve the Assyrian Church. Read his article in the Catholic Herald.


Learning from past mistakes: Assyrians and the Iraqi Elections 2008

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Ninos Warda of the Assyria Council of Europe Urges the European Union to observe Elections in Iraq

In addition to providing electoral assistance in Iraq the EU can also send an Election Observation Mission (EOM) to the country. EOMs are specifically important because they ‘do not just serve to assess election days but also observe the whole electoral process as a way of gauging the state of democratic development in a given country at a particular time'. Thus, such a mission could gauge whether an election is genuine by touching upon important issues such as whether the legislative procedures for establishing “ground rules” are transparent and inclusive; whether the election administration is independent, impartial, transparent and accountable; whether the rights to freedom of expression, association, movement and assembly are upheld; whether a timely judicial review and accessible dispute resolution mechanisms are guaranteed; whether rules on campaign financing grant all with reasonable access to campaign funds; Click here to read the paper



US Congress Approves
$10 Million for Religious Minorities
in the
Nineveh Plain

Michael Youash
Michael Youash Project Director ISDP

The US Congress, through the Appropriations Sub-Committee on State and Foreign Operations, approved an ammendment to request $10 million in aid for internally displaced religious minorities in the Nineveh Plain.The amendment, which was unanimously passed, was introduced by Congressman Kirk (10th district, Illinois) and states:

The Committee is concerned about the plight of religious minorities in Iraq and intends that from within the unobligated amounts provided in previous years under the heading "Economic Support Fund" for Iraq, not less than $10,000,000 should be provided to assist religious minorities in the Nineveh Plain region of Iraq, of which $8,000,000 should be provided for internally-displaced families and $2,000,000 should be provided for microfinance programs.

Click to read the Press Release. To watch the presentation, "creating a promise of tomorrow" by Michael Youash, click here.





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